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The testing laboratory is equipped with a full set of testing equipment for conducting tests


The test bench for testing aerosol and aerosol-iodine filters INT PAIF 1017.01 is used as a test equipment for quality control of flat filter materials and filter elements of the EPA,HEPA, ULPA class used in ventilation and air conditioning systems, in technological systems of samples of the nuclear industry in terms of efficiency according to the requirements of GOST R EN 1822-1-2010 and for testing the strength of filter elements for aerodynamic resistance (pressure drop) and volumetric air flow according to the requirements of NP 036-05 "Rules for the design and operation of ventilation systems important for the safety of nuclear power plants"     









Scientific test bench for the control of the sorption capacity index of iodine sorbents and sorption-filtering materials of SIS GRO-AF (joint development of AeroFilter LLC with D.I. RSTU Mendeleev), is a stationary testing equipment and is intended for quality control of iodine sorbents used, including at nuclear power plants, as well as for studies of sorbents and sorption-filtering materials according to the sorption capacity index parameter according to GOST R 58410-2019 "Method for determining the sorption capacity index" and GOST R 54443-2011 "Iodine sorbents for nuclear power plants. Method for determining the sorption capacity index"