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Testing laboratory

The testing laboratory of AeroFiltr LLC (IL) is accredited by the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom" as a testing laboratory (center) that performs conformity assessment of products for which requirements related to ensuring safety in the field of atomic energy use (NF) are established.

The testing laboratory provides testing services for filtering equipment and filters of a new generation for nuclear power plants, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical enterprises, medical centers whose activities are related to radiochemistry.

Laboratory test reports are recognized by authorized organizations of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC at all stages of equipment acceptance in accordance with RD EO, as well as during product certification, for which requirements are established related to ensuring safety in the field of nuclear energy use.



- The scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory (see the document in full)

-  Register of certification bodies and testing laboratories (centers) performing work to confirm compliance of products with mandatory requirements

Order confirming compliance of AeroFilter LLC with the accreditation criteria