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On November 16, 2016, the test bench for testing of aerosol and aerosol-iodine filters supplied to NPP facilities was certified. The bench was designed by FSUE “VNIIFTRI (Russian research institute of physical-technical and radiotechnical measurements)” – one of the leading national metrology institutes of Russia.

PAIF test bench was developed to improve the control of aerosol filters cleaning efficiency from aerosols of different origin by the most penetrating particles, as well as to test the resistance to airflow of the produced filters.

The system provides visualization and real-time control of equipment state and parameters: pressure drop on the filter, temperature in the test area, velocity of the airflow, airflow rate in the system, cleaning efficiency of the test aerosol particles.

All information is displayed on the monitor of the operator’s workplace in real time and in the form of mnemonic diagrams, tables, graphs, warning and emergency messages. Test process parameters, warning and emergency messages are archived with the possibility of their reviewing and analysis. Printed results of measurements are presented in the form of a table.