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Building of the front part of the leading icebreaker “Arctic” hull of 22220 design is finishing at the slipway “A” of the Baltic Shipbuilding Plant (part of United Shipbuilding Corporation). On August 6 1101-Section that would be the first to break ice in the Northern Sea Route was installed. It is this part of the icebreaker weighing 75.5 tons that receives all ice load, and the cast stem 160 mm thick in the basis of the section, presses and breaks the arctic ice.

“Today 70% of the icebreaker hull assembly work is completed. We work in accordance with the approved general schedule of building”, Sergey Chernogubovsky, the project manager commented. Building of the leading icebreaker’s hull is close to its final stage – assembly of the stern and further launch of the ship.

To remind, the leading nuclear icebreaker “Arctic” was laid on November 5, 2013. The icebreaker will be equipped with nuclear power plant of the new RITM-200 type and will become the biggest and most powerful icebreaker in the world. Its length will be 173.3 m, the width 34 m, draught on the structural waterline – 10.5 m, minimum working draught – 8.65 m. The gross displacement will be 33.54 ths.tons. According to the contract provisions, building of the leading icebreaker shall be finished in December 2017.

Double draught design of the icebreaker allows to use it not only in the sea, but also in the estuaries. The icebreakers will have to provide convoying of the ships transporting hydrocarbon raw materials from Yamal and Gidansk peninsulas fields, the shelf of the Kara Sea to the markets of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans countries.

Filtering equipment for the icebreaker is designed and supplied by “AeroFilter” LLC (Obninsk, Kaluga region).