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 AeroFilter LLC, having received the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund, began the implementation of the project: "Organization of serial production of filtration equipment for ventilation systems of universal nuclear icebreakers and modernized floating power units."



                                                                                          New production and warehouse building of AeroFilter company

This project is based on the results of the development of a whole line of filtration equipment designed to purify air flows in ventilation systems of mobile reactor installations (including nuclear icebreakers and floating nuclear power plants) from radioactive aerosols, molecular iodine and its organic compounds. Such equipment must work reliably and steadily under prolonged rolling, significant shock loads and other external influences in the harsh conditions of the open sea.
The fundamental scientific and technical novelty of the development is the use of new design solutions, non-combustible materials of a new generation based on glass paper and fiberglass, the transition to a two-module design of filter packages. All this improves the absorption capacity of filters, enhances their strength, increases the operating temperature of the filtered medium to 150 degrees, simplifies the assembly technology.
The equipment is supplied to icebreakers of project 22220. The icebreakers of Project 22220 are part of the program "Fundamentals of the country's state policy in the Arctic for the period up to 2035", the purpose of which is the development of the "Northern Sea Route". These are the largest and most powerful icebreakers in the world.

The icebreaker "Arctic" project 22220 has reached the North Pole of the Earth, breaking ice up to 3 meters thick.

In 2025, it is planned to launch a powerful nuclear icebreaker of a new generation, under construction in Primorsky Krai (project 10510 "Leader".).

In total, three icebreakers of this class are planned to be built in Russia by 2033. Icebreakers of the project 10510 "Leader" are designed for conducting single large-tonnage vessels, leading caravans, maintaining a shipping channel in ice conditions all year round in the Arctic.Aerosol filters produced within the framework of the project will be used as part of a special ventilation system serving rooms with nuclear power plants.